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Why don't I offer 360 booth and cold sparks?

360 booth and cold spark machines - why don't I offer them?

I have DJ'd hundreds of weddings and seen fads come and go and I always wait before joining in on any new fad. My main focus has been and always will be to be an amazing DJ for your wedding and make sure that everything goes smoothly so you can enjoy yourselves.

In truth, I think the 360 video booth produces cool videos and that the cold spark machines are super cool looking.... So, why won't I offer them?

360 booth ---

I believe that your wedding guests should all have an amazing experience and be safe at all times.

I have seen videos of older folks and kids being clocked and knocked down by the swinging arm of the 360 booth and I can't justify taking that risk with your family and friends just for a cool video. People drink, it gets dark, and emotions are running high at weddings and people may get hurt with these units. In my opinion, a traditional photo booth is a better option for that reason.

Cold sparks machines ---

Once again, I take the safety of your guests very seriously and the ingredients in the powder used in these cold sparks machines is toxic and cause damage to your lungs and brain!

Google, "is titanium dust dangerous" and you'll get your answer.

The powder can also be flammable if it's near candles.... Almost every wedding uses candles.

One more thing... there was a lawsuit for several thousand dollars after the powder from a cold sparks machine damaged a wooden dance floor when it was used before dancing and the people dancing caused the fine sand paper like particles to damage the floor.

Be safe and see you soon!


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