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How to choose the BEST DJ for your wedding!

How to choose the best DJ for your wedding!

There are more factors to choosing a great DJ for your wedding than you think.

I'll list some important information for you to consider when choosing a DJ for your wedding.

1.) Read reviews - Any good DJ that has been around for a while will have 5 star reviews and this will give you some insight into their ability to do a good job but you should inquire about wether it's a singular DJ (owner) or a company with many DJ's making up that number as it matters.

2.) I believe it's best to choose a DJ that is the owner for a few reasons: 1. The owner of a company will always care more about the quality of the work they provide since they are the owner. 2. Most companies that have employed Djs will hire college kids who are looking for extra cash and you can even see ads on craigslist that read "looking for DJ to join out team, no experience needed" -- * that is a red flag because that DJ is not a seasoned DJ and those companies typically pay in one way or another for reviews for these college kids.

3.) Definitely hire a DJ who has experience with weddings... bonus if the DJ also has experience with clubs, corporate events, and festivals as it shows that have an ability to get booked based upon their beat matching, blending, and ability to read the dance floor and play appropriate music to keep the party going. Experience in weddings is invaluable as there are so many challenges that weddings present that are not present in any other situation such as multiple sound set ups, multiple applications for mics, MC work, lighting, working with time-lines, working with other vendors, travel with set up and tear down, trouble shooting, back ups and more....

4.) **Only book a DJ with a back up computer or iPad with all the playlists and music on it in case a device fails. You want the DJ to have a back up of cables, and their DJ controller as well since that's what will be the medium for sound between the computer and the speakers.

5.) **Only book a DJ that owns their own music and is not relying on streaming for your wedding! This is super important especially in remote locations as most remote locations such as barns do not have internet and cell reception can be spotty if it works at all.

Streamed music is also a lower quality audio coming through the sound and it makes a difference. One more thing is commercials! I was auditioning a DJ to hire and he played music from a streaming service and commercials came through!!! I asked him if he uses that same streaming service for weddings and he said "yes".

6.) Do not hire the cheapest DJ you can find. You get what you pay for. Cheap DJs typically have lower quality gear, do not have back up equipment, and are just starting out or have some other reason they are so cheap.

There are levels to DJs and this is your BIG DAY. What I recommend is to sell some things you are not using or work a few extra weekends to make extra cash to pay for a higher quality DJ.

7.) Do talk on the phone with your DJ as there are a LOT of factors in how a DJ might quote you. It's important that the DJ understands everything you need since every wedding is different. I had a wedding where they thought I would provide a keyboard, mixer, and sound for a band that was playing the ceremony even though that was never talked about.

8.) I personally wouldn't want to book a DJ that wants to be a big hype man and steal the show from the couple so that's something to keep in mind.

** Our DJ is a great DJ who embodies all the above mentioned positive qualities that are needed for a wedding to be amazing!

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