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We offer yoga workshops, black light yoga parties, and yoga retreats. Our main instructor has taught yoga and fitness for more than 20 years including 8 years at the #1 health and fitness spa in the world - Rancho La Puerta.

Stephen has taught at festivals, yoga studios, and events.

He has also gained certifications in personal training, group x, spinning, NIA, Zumba, water aerobics, kickboxing, and more...

You will be very happy you chose to go to one of his events or retreats as you will gain a knowledge of self, a sense of adventure, and have a lot of fun while making friends!

Please fill in our contact form to inquire about booking Stephen.

Seated Yoga Twist - Stephen - Rancho La Puerta
Balancing Yoga Twist - Stephen Yoga Retreats
Black Light Yoga Party
Black Light Yoga Party - Star Time Productions

In store events - teaching at Lulu Lemon

Yoga retreat 2018 @ Present Moment Retreat in Mexico
Article in Yogi Times about Rancho La Puerta mentioning me..png
Article about Rancho la Puerta with my name in it.png
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