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Music Production

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Ujjayi Soundsystem is a blend of cultures, styles, and rhythms all mashed together in a masterful way to take the listeners on a journey to find movement in their souls. Each song is an emotion manifesting into the 3D realm. Ujjayi Soundsystem has been performing at festivals up and down the West coast for several years and opening for some great musical talents including: T-Pain, David Starfire, Dheli 2 Dublin, Cheb i Sabbah, Drumspyder, and more. Ujjayi Soundsystem has had music licensed for T.V., Fitness DVDs, and Website use. Ujjayi Soundsystem's track "Passion" was featured on the international release "Babylon Bar 4". Stephen had the great pleasure of remixing his all-time favorite band (Afro Celt Sound System) <- listen on soundcloud. You can also hire him to produce international beats for your project or collaborate on a new and exciting project.

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