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Stephen started his fitness journey at the age of 10. Stephen studied martial arts with two highly recognized Grand Masters in the martial arts world: Al Dacoscos and Donny Omega. Stephen went on to teach martial arts for both of these instructors and won regional and national tournaments. At the age of 20, Stephen found yoga and fell in love with the practice leading him to begin teaching it a few years later. Shortly after starting to teach yoga, Stephen got his group exercise certification and taught fitness classes full time which led him to creating his own aerobic kickboxing classes (around the same time Tae Bo was being created) which regularly drew 60-80 people per class. Stephen moved to Mexico to teach at the world famous Rancho La Puerta where he was a fitness specialist for 8 years. Stephen holds several certifications including: Spinning, Zumba, NIA, Water Aerobics, Group X, and ACE certified personal trainer as well.

**Stephen's approach to every client is to focus on improving every aspect of their physical fitness. With years of experience in teaching everyone from kids to elders, Stephen knows how to help each person in achieving optimal fitness.

Fitness Class

Group training

We can work in small groups outside if you want group training motivation! Groups of 3- 10 work best.

Benefits of small group training include: Team motivation, accountability, more fun, more variety, and discounts on price. If you have a group of friends that want to commit to their health, let's get it going!



Did you know that kickboxing works the entire body and burns a ton of calories all while teaching you valuable skills?

You will learn the basics of kickboxing to start and then work your way up to level 2. Learning the basics is very important for safety and technique building skills. You will improve your cardio, stregnth, balance, and confidence!

Stephen's extended history.

1982 Started martial arts with Grand Masters Donny Omega and Al Dacascos and began teaching in martial arts 1987
**Competed and won national martial arts tournaments in forms and fighting
1997 Group -X Cert. Golds Gym
Started teaching Group-X at Gold's Gym in Portland, OR
1998 1st Yoga training with Sushil Bhattacharya  (before certs were really given)
1998 AFFA group -X Cert.
1998 Started teaching Group-X, Yoga, and Ecstatic Dance at Gold's Gym, MAC, Body Moves studio and Cascade Athletic club in Portland, OR
1999 Created my own very successful Aerobic Kickboxing classes
1999 Reebok Spin Cert. - Gary Johnson
2000 Created F.I.T. (Functional Integrated Training)
2000 Group -X continued ed. -- Yoga workshops with Kali Ray and Bob Smith
2001 Yoga workshop with John Friend
2002 NIA Certified
2002 Partner yoga training with Cain Carroll and Lori Kimata (they wrote the partner yoga book)
2003 Moved to Mexico to teach at Rancho La Puerta (#1 Health and Fitness retreat in the world)
**While at Rancho la Puerta I studied Yoga with:
Tim Miller
Aman Keys
Sherri Baptiste
Barron Baptiste
Larry payne (Prime of life yoga)
Michelle Hebert and Mahrad Nazari (RASA Yoga)
Roger Cole (special no touch adjustment training)
Tanya Colucci (Functional training and myofacial release)
Shiva Rea (she even licensed my music for her DVD)
Mary Obendorfer and Eddie Marks (Senior Iyengar instructors)
**Took a 200 hour teacher training with Himalaya Yoga Foundation (Swami Veda)

While at Rancho la Puerta I also got certified in:
Water Aerobics with Hydro Fit with Craig Stuart
Myofacial release with tennis balls
TaijiFit with David Dorian Ross
Personal Training (ACE)

I taught the following classes at Rancho la Puerta while I lived there:
Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Spinning, Kickboxing, Stretch, Tennis ball release, Balance and Coordination, Drumming, Hiking, Circuit, Water aerobics, NIA, Zumba, Abs and Back, Legs and Glutes, Meditation, Sound Healing, TRX,  and Personal Training.

2009 Taught Fitness and Yoga at:
Shasta Yoga Center and the Mount Shasta Park in Mount Shasta, CA

2010 Taught Yoga, Fitness, and Personal Training at:
Can't remember the name in Portland

2012 - Anatomy for yoga workshop - Paul Grilley

Taught Yoga, Fitness, and Personal Training:
Trainer's Club, Twist Yoga, Me Fitness, Fit For Life, and Stafford Hills in Portland, OR
Also taught Yoga workshops at Lulu Lemon and Prana clothing stores.

**Taught and led International Yoga retreats in Tulum, Mexico and Troncones, Mexico

(I build classes to their fullest potential )

**DJ' many Yoga Festivals and taught Yoga at them as well.
**DJ'd for Deepak Chopra's meditation trainings
**DJ'd for Lulu Lemon and Prana clothing
**DJ'd for Ecstatic Dance
**DJ'd and created playlists for Yogitunes

**I have been featured on the news as a master trainer—links below**

**Been featured in Life Extension magazine and Yoga International (Scroll down to "Bringing yoga to North America")

Youtube videos:

*Featured in NIA’s training book

**Featured in Rancho la Puerta’s book

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